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Victoria Chalkiti Unofficial Homepage(Also in English!)

Sound Clips

magiko spa8i (Mp3 file 16KHz 32 Kbps,stereo) 708Kb
Second time around (Mp3 file 16KHz 32 Kbps,mono) 89,4Kb 22seconds
Proti mou Fora (Mp3 file 16KHz 32 Kbps,mono) 79,2Kb 20seconds
Epimeno (Mp3 file 16KHz 32 Kbps,mono) 143Kb 36seconds
Epimeno(2) (Mp3 file 32KHz 128 Kbps,stereo) 573Kb 36seconds
erotaslive.mp3 Live from Music Hall "Apollon" 297 Kb 19 seconds
xorepsethalassa.mp3 Live from Music Hall "Apollon" 913 Kb 58 seconds
6metinelnta.mp3 6 me tin elnta:Talk-show with Elnta Panopoulou 348Kb 22 seconds
starcafe1.wav Star-Cafe 12/06/98:Interviewed by Katerina Laspa
starcafe2b.wav Star-Cafe 12/06/98:Interviewed by Katerina Laspa
erotasine.wav The first single of her first album,entitled "Erotas Ine"
onirevome.wav Another sample from her first L.P.This is my favourite song from Victoria's voice.
stoegeo.wav A small sample from her second album.My favourite song "Sto egeo".
another_star.wav Á song from album "II",with english lyrics!!
glykia_mania.wav Victoria in a duet with Costas Bigalis(A great Greek singer and composer).
katapliktiki.wav She sings with her father a song of Paschalis.
ullsee.wav Victoria sings "You"ll see",a Madonna's song!!
spring.wav Spring of 1995:Victoria sings "Irthes san tin aniksi",a greek old song,in "BRAVO",a show presented by greek biggest tv-star Roula Koromila.
swechristmas.wav Christmas of 1995:Victoria and her mother present in "Morning Coffee",which is a morning tv-magazine of Ant1-tv,christmas recipes from Sweden!!
killingme.wav November of 1996:Victoria and two other greek singers(Sofia Vossou and Markos) sing LIVE the song "Killing me softly" in morning magazine of SKY-tv "Exo ntertia ke kaimi".
journalist.wav Christmas of 1996: Victoria as a"journalist" in "Gefsi zois",a morning magazine of STAR-tv.
interview1.wav Interviewed by Michalis Tsaousopoulos.

Samples are recorded in Mono, 8bits resolution,11KHz Sampling Rate

SOUND FILES created by Christine Kitsati